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A Conceptual Framework on the Health Innovation System


İstanbul Üniversitesi-Cerrahpaşa, Sağlık Bilimleri Fakültesi, Sağlık Ekonomisi Anabilim Dalı, İstanbul, Türkiye

Arch Health Sci Res 2019; 6: 621-629
DOI: 10.5152/hsp.2019.576531
Read: 3080 Downloads: 954 Published: 11 November 2019

Today, the concept of health innovation is seen as an important tool for increasing the efficiency and performance of the health systems of all countries. Within this framework, national health innovation systems and policy implementations are important for all countries in the world. This has become a subject that needs to be focused on in terms of improvement in healthcare. The aim of this study is to supply a theoretical conceptual framework about health innovation concepts and a new national health innovation system.

Cite this article as: Mete AH, Boz C, Aslan Ö. A Conceptual Framework on the Health Innovation System. Journal of Health Science and Profession 2019; 6(3): 621-9.

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