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Effect of E-learning on Health-Promoting Behaviors Among Adolescents: An Empowerment Model


Department of Midwifery School of Nursing and Midwifery, Guilan University of Medical Sciences, Rasht, Iran

Arch Health Sci Res 2023; 10: 10-16
DOI: 10.5152/ArcHealthSciRes.2023.22128
Read: 634 Downloads: 370 Published: 10 February 2023

Objective: Paying attention to the health of adolescents, especially girls, is one of the sustainable development goals, and the improvement of health-promoting behaviors in adolescents is necessary. Therefore, this study aimed to determine the effect of the empowerment-based e-learning program on health-promoting behaviors among adolescents.

Methods: The present study was a quasi-experimental study in which 80 middle and high school female students in the city of Rasht, Guilan, Iran, participated. The sampling method was multi-stage cluster random. Data were collected between March 2021 and June 2021 using the questionnaire of demographic characteristics and the Health-Promoting Lifestyle Profile II. Health-Promoting Lifestyle Profile II was assessed before and 8 weeks after the intervention in both intervention and control groups. The empowerment model was performed for the intervention group. Descriptive statistics independent t-tests, paired t-tests, and analysis of covariance were used for data analysis in the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences software version 16.0. The significance level (P-value) was .05.

Results: The implementation of the educational program led to increased mean scores in the dimensions of health responsibility, physical activity, nutrition, and interpersonal relationships in the intervention group, but spiritual growth and stress management had no significant change. The control group did not show significant changes in the dimensions of health-promoting behaviors.

Conclusion: The result of this study showed that empowerment-based e-learning could be effective in changing the behavior of female adolescents toward healthy behaviors. On this basis, we suggest to use this educational approach as a basis to improve adolescent health-promoting behaviors.

Cite this article as: Khalesi ZB, Pouralizadeh M, Rahnavardi M. Effect of E-learning on health-promoting behaviors among adolescents: An empowerment model. Arch Health Sci Res. 2023;10(1):10-16.

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