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Milk Sharing and Human Milk Banking Among Lactating Women Living in the Southeastern Anatolia Region of Turkey: Knowledge, Opinions, and Practices


Department of Midwifery, Siirt University, Faculty of Health Sciences, Siirt, Türkiye


Department of Child Health and Diseases Nursing, Adıyaman University, Faculty of Health Sciences, Adıyaman, Türkiye

Arch Health Sci Res 2023; 10: 216-223
DOI: 10.5152/ArcHealthSciRes.2023.23067
Read: 393 Downloads: 235 Published: 06 October 2023

Objective: We aimed to determine the knowledge, opinions, and practices among lactating women in Turkey with regard to milk sharing and human milk banking.

Methods: The research was conducted from November 2021 to April 2022 in a province in the southeastern Anatolia region of Turkey. A mixed-methods approach was applied in this study. Data were collected from 415 surveys and 19 participant interviews.

Results: Of the participants, 84.1% knew about the concept of wet nursing, 30.1% had had a wet nurse, and 34.9% had wet-nursed a baby. Of the participants, 57.6% did not know about human milk banking, 33.5% did not want to donate milk to human milk banks, and 32.8% did not want to feed their babies human milk that had been banked. According to the qualitative findings of the study, while their husband’s approval played an active role in shaping the opinions of the participants toward human milk banking, religious concerns, commercial gain, hygiene, and decreased nutritional value were also found to be significant factors.

Conclusion: Lactating women’s knowledge, opinions, and concerns about human milk banking should be considered in educational programs planned by health professionals to correct negative thoughts toward human milk banking.

Cite this article as: Gül S, Zengin M. Milk sharing and human milk banking among lactating women living in the southeastern Anatolia region of Turkey: knowledge, opinions and practices. Arch Health Sci Res. 2023;10(3):216-223.

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